Master S.r.l.

in 1989

was born in Turin (ITALY) and began operating in the field of industrial regeneration of thermoplastic resins

in 1991

the business expanded to the recovery and recycling of refuse and mixed plastic waste

in 1999

set up a research laboratory for tests and trials on biodegradable polymers and their applications

in 2004

developed and patented a new low-cost thermoplastic biopolymer made from wheat flour for the production of disposable items and packaging

in 2006

– created and patented the plates of ice, the future for the sport of skeet shooting with zero environmental impact

– created and patented a new eco-friendly material for clay pigeons for shooting

in 2007

Mini automatique 2007

Mini automatique (2007)

Painting 2007

Painting (2007)

started the production of smaller machines for the production of biodegradable plates for skeet shooting

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in 2008

designed and built a simple bench dynamometer by which you can test the resistance of the plates to the launch and their quality

Dynamometer 2008

Dynamometer (2008)

in 2010

2010 Series

2010 Series

built and sold complete lines for the production of biodegradable plates for skeet shooting in the types Standard 110, Battue, Rabbit,Mini 90 and Supermini 60, and the new molding machine 2010 SERIES professional

in 2011

2010 Series got a makeover and became Delta Series

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Delta series 2011

DELTA Series (2011)

in 2013

SMART series 2013

SMART Series (2013)

SMART Painting 2013

SMART Painting (2013)

the constructive and innovative design technology of the machines for the production of the biodegradable clay pigeons for skeet shooting made a qualitative leap and became SMART

SMART: one high efficiency ultracompact machine that, directly fed with the dust raw materials, automatically transforms into plates obtaining the reduction of -35% in the consumption of electricity and of -65% in the use of labor required for the run.

New… fantastic… SMART

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…research and designing continue because there will always be something to improve or invent…